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Risk From Faults

Now it comes.
A while ago, we clearly see life is fine.
There’s nothing, no need to worry before.
‘Cause we think we are some super human or somewhat having a magic inside.
But, nope.
That’s the stupidest thing we ever thought.
We see that we are all just a human,
we had the same chance to die and live like another.
Now, the invisible weapon comes.
We are not ready for that!
And we won’t figure it out before.
We do not have any shield nor another weapon to attack.
It’s too late, we just need help from the time at last.
There must be no regret for this, because it’s the risk from our fault.
We need to trust one another, be together to end this.
I hope y’all know this thing already,
Good luck and try to live as long as possible!

– diarim